Snigput Vittles – Goldie Apples S1W40


September 27, 2016

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Snigput Vittles


I remember my first day of first grade at Karns elementary. My teacher was Mrs. Beverly Smith. (Beverly Hoffmeister) She drove a VW van and I thought she was one of the nicest people I had ever met. I still think so…We are still friends today! I had no idea how much God was blessing me that first day of first grade; not only with Beverly Smith, but my seat assignment was between Gina Disney (Hunt) and Lisa Morgan (Hall)! Gina had the two cutest little curly pig tails and Lisa had one little pig tail right on top of her head!! Their hair styles were awesome and I wanted to know such cool girls! I knew my hair style wasn’t up to par so I tried to impress them with my drawings of Snoopy. Paul Waldschlager sat near by. He had a true gift for drawing shoes on my characters….you know, the big 1970’s platform shoes! In my mind this meant instant friendship! In the third grade I went to a different school. I still saw my friends at church and different things in the community, but It wasn’t the same as being in school together. One day someone started building a house beside mine. I was so thrilled to find out it was Lisa Morgan! They built their house and moved in and I guess I practically moved in too! I always felt welcome and loved in the Morgan’s home. Lisa taught me to skate and hula hoop and her Mom made us great snacks! Goldie Morgan, is truly one of the sweetest, kindest women that God ever made and boy is she a good cook! I remember, stack cakes and peanut butter fudge and these apples! Good memories!



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