Snigput Vittles – Cranberry Passion – S1W45


October 27, 2016

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Snigput Vittles


Scott’s Dad’s family used to have a big family gathering a few weeks before Christmas. I was nervous at my first Smith Family Christmas. I was only 17 and there were so many people, but they all made me feel loved and welcome from the very beginning. Uncle Calvin always brought Scott’s Dad a funny, battery operated toy. We always looked forward to seeing what the toy would be and after Uncle Calvin passed away, Scott and I kept the tradition going. We gave his Dad a funny, battery operated toy every Christmas morning. We have quite a collection of oinking pigs and gorillas on motorcycles! I can still hear him laughing! I also remember that Uncle Jim Ford always said the blessing for us and Aunt Ruth always made this yummy cranberry salad. I’ve had to alter it over the years because they stopped making the relish she used, but it is still good and it always takes me back to those very special family gatherings.



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