Snigput Vittles – Ham, Lamb, Spam, Bull, Beef and Bear Sandwich S1W52


December 27, 2016

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Snigput Vittles


My Dad loved to “work in the yard”. On Saturdays, while he worked, Mama would make a huge platter of different kinds of sandwiches. Some Saturdays (mostly in the fall when he had leaves to rake) he would have several other guys come to help him and my brother. Some Saturdays it was just our family. Regardless of the number, Mama made a platter of sandwiches and as we sat down to eat I loved to ask him, “Daddy, what kind of sandwich are you going to have?” Always, his answer was, “ I’ll have a ham, lamb, spam, bull, beef and bear sandwich”. That’s what I had too! It was our favorite!



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